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How to Choose Perfect Photographer?


How to Choose Perfect Photographer?
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It is not unusual for a person owning a DSLR and calling themselves a photographer.  But, that does not necessarily mean they are a professional photographer. It is either a natural talent or can be acquired through proper training. Photography is not a child’s play, it requires in-depth knowledge about the camera, features, background, editing, etc. There come many questions in mind while selecting the best photographer like will he or she be able to understand the angle and the kind of location you want? What is their perception of taking the photograph? Will you like it or not? All these questions are satisfied by a professional photographer and you need not worry about the clicks because an experienced person in this field knows what their clients are seeking. In this field, experience plays a major role because for a novice, it may be a difficult task to adjust their camera in different lightings and locations, but an experienced photographer knows how to adjust the camera settings according to the need of the hour for getting a most satisfying click.


Depending upon your specification you can select photographer on the basis of genres. Every photographer has at least one strong genre in the photographic field. Further, we will discuss the types of genres, and accordingly, you can select the photographer. These are-:

1)    PORTRAIT- It is one of the oldest genres of photography. Portrait photos depict the degree of accuracy and reality in the photo. It could be of the face or full body. The height and figure are properly captured. It is most preferred in family albums, portfolios of models, in magazines, newspaper, etc. For proper portrait photography, it requires concentration and basic photography skills.

2)    STILL LIFE PHOTOGRAPHY- In such type of photograph, the photographer has to capture the essence of the moment in the most creative way. In weddings, such type of photography is demanded to capture the beautiful moments and people in order to generate the desired composition. Here depending upon your genre as you want to click photos in traditional pose or in different styles you can select your photographer.

3)    LANDSCAPE- Landscape photography is understandable from the word itself i.e. capturing the view of land which could be woods, mountains, rivers, cities, desserts, etc. For a traveler, this mode of photography is very helpful in capturing various places. If you are a nature lover, you can choose such photographer who has experience in this genre.

4)    CROSSFIT STOCK PHOTOGRAPHY- As more and more number of people are choosing the healthy lifestyle and making yoga or gym or any other physical activities as a part of their lives, the demand of Crossfit stock photography is increasing. Such photographers capture the perfect posture and physique of health enthusiast as per their demand. Many gyms and sportswear companies hire such photographer to add the special touch in order to influence people.


Now days pre-birth, birth and post-birth photo-shoots of the kids are in the hype, photographers in this genre try to capture the best moment of the child by creating a comfortable environment for the child and using their imagination and creativity to get the best photo of the child.



1) CAMERA- Make a proper enquiry about the type of lenses the photographer is going to use. Generally, the 18-55mm lens is used for basic photography, but according to the place and event, different lenses are used for capturing the best click.

2) REFERENCE- Before selecting one, take reference of your friends and family members. You can go for the same photographer that your friend or cousin choose so that you know what kind of result you will be getting and will escape the risk involved in hiring a new photographer.

3) PORTFOLIO- If you are looking for a photographer online, first check the portfolio properly. See the years of experience and best of their captured photographs. Read the reviews and opinions of others.

4) EVENT-Select the photographer on the basis of an event like you want wedding photographer, pre-shoot or post-wedding shoot photographer, for birthday parties, for an anniversary, engagement, social event, advertising, model photography, etc., because you can hire a professional in the respective field.



  • Before selecting the photographer, select and shortlist few of them and compare their portfolios and experiences. Because the image on their website may look tempting, but you need to be sure of their skills, so interview a few of them before finalizing the one.
  • Ask the photographer, will there be any assistant accompanying them. If yes, then it is a pro-point on behalf of the photographer, as assistant helps in managing the stiff and is aware of the requirements of the photographer.
  • Before finalizing the deal, ask your photographer in what format you will be receiving the photographs i.e. either in hardcopy or softcopy or in both. You can ask for the complete shoot in the DVD also. And after how many days you will get your photographs.
  • Choose the photographer whose fee suits your pocket. Don’t cross the limit of your budget by getting tempted by the photographs. Remember, editing plays a big role in photography. So go for the photographer whose fee is economical and meets your requirement.
  • It is important to make a booking prior to the event because most of the time the photographers are booked and you won’t get the appointment of your favorite photographer. So, in order to avoid such situation always make the booking before 2-3 months.

The personality of the photographer is depicted in his photos. Go through his or her social networking sites and observe the quality of content posted. Check out the consistency of the quality of images. Identify the style of photographer and on that basis select the one you can relate the most. Try to keep it simple and surreal to get the best photographs.