Great tips to make your baby christening photography the best

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Best photography ideas for christening photoshoot

For many people, baby christening is very much similar to wedding. It is an important part of a child’s life and therefore it is necessary to make it as memorable as possible. There is no better way to capture those memories than to have christening photography(krikstynu fotosesija). Where children are involved, things are quite unpredictable and it is important to know a few things before the big day so as to capture all the unique moments. Some of the things you should do include:

1. Planning

This should be done well in advance. It is important to list all the formal shots you don’t want the photographer to miss such as the baby with the godparents and parents, group shots, and all other details that may be overlooked.

2. Preparations

The christening gown is one of the most important components of the event, almost like a wedding dress. You should seek assistance early since accidents can happen before or during the event.
3. Getting the necessary permission
There are churches that are strict about using a flash. Make sure you discuss this little detail before the event and get permission beforehand. There are also some churches that will not allow any photography. It is important to find out more about the location you have chosen and decide whether you are comfortable with not taking photos at all until after the event. Always weigh all your options beforehand and ask all the intricate details to avoid frustrations.

4. Before and after shots

You need to be early at the church so as to capture guests as they come in. You can also take some shots of the family in different areas of the church.

5. Lighting

For a location with daylight, natural light coming through the windows, you will achieve natural and even better looking shots without using flash. You might have to use a higher ISO setting.

6. Auto ISO

When you plan to take some shots outside and inside the church as well, consider using auto ISO since it can detect the sensitivity when it is needed.

7. Group shots

When you are doing the group shots, it is important that you keep a reasonable distance. You should not use the wide-angle lens so as not to make people near the edges looking as if they have stretched heads.

8. Outdoor portraits

When outdoors, it is always sensible to sue fill flash since it works better than it would indoors. This is especially true when there are no shaded areas where you can take your portraits. A flashgun is better than a pop-up flash.

9. The baby photos

The baby is like the bride of the day, meaning his or her photos are the most important. Ensure the baby is entertained so as to get the best shots. This will also allow you to have different facial expressions and poses from the baby.

10. Super zoom

This allows you to get candid close ups and even the wide angle kind of shots without having to change lenses in between.

11. Choose a tone

It is always important to choose a tone for the photos you are taking. The tone chosen is a determination of where and when the photos are to be taken. You should choose whether to make the photos solemn, playful, relaxed or serious. This is a serious religious event and therefore you may be likely to get some serious shots even without planning doe them.

12. Choose a color scheme

You need to set a color scheme for the photos through the clothing, food, and decorations. You don’t have to make it so extensive, but when you have colors that complement each other, you will end up having cleaner and professional photos. You can come up with color schemes that are more consistent when you use some pastels decorating the clothing or you may use specific colors. If you cannot get a specific color scheme, you can always have some cohesion in the photos by taking them at the same angle and height.

13. The battery

It is very important that you have a backup battery. As much as you ensure that your battery is well charged before the event, you need a backup one just in case there is a failure. There are some cameras that don’t have long battery power and the event may take longer than initially anticipated. You should therefore have batteries on hand just in case things go south. Make sure that they are the right style and size for your specific camera.

14. Multiple shots

It is not a waste of time. Always make sure you take multiple shots, especially when you are aiming for candid look. You can get different snapshots at a time, and then later you can pick the best snapshot of the moment you were aiming for.

15. Keep an eye open for opportune moments

It is important to stay alert for all opportune moments. In as much as the child is an important part of the event, it is still important to take photos of the parents, friends and siblings of the child. Taking photos of the guests helps you have moments that are snap worthy. Use the viewfinder to scan the room as this gets you better chances of taking candid photos.

16. Take multiple shots at a time

When you are taking group photos, don’t take just one photo. You should give a warning and then take multiple shots at the same time. When multiple shots are taken, there will be a lesser likelihood of having people not looking at the camera or blinking. Make sure you give warnings when taking the shots. You can delete the unnecessary photos later. It is better to have many shots since you can always go through them later.

17. Include the clergy

You should take shots of the clergy as well. This is because the event doesn’t involve the friends and family alone and you should ensure that this is reflected in the photos.
If possible, it is a good idea to have a professional take these important photos for you. This will allow you to have more time concentrating on planning. Having a professional photographer can get you some of the most outstanding shots that will be precious to you throughout. Visit Our recomended krikstynu fotografas for more christening photoshoot ideas.