Christening photography and most important shots

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Christening is really one of those most important and beautiful moments of your child’s life. It is your child’s admission to the church and the first auspicious event in your child’s life. The baby is given its name and is introduced to near and dear ones. There is a get together of relatives to bless your child with wishes. Well-off families organize the christening ceremony as a fancy event with a lot of pomp and show. The day has immense importance even if the celebrations are low key. The memories of this beautiful day can be well preserved in lovely photographs. After all, you are going to look back to this day all your life. Your child’s imagination for his/her christening ceremony will be based on the snaps only. You will even desire to frame some of them and keep them in your sight. So all in all you cannot be careless about the photography planning.

Plan it all

Skilled professional photographers are hired to capture the moments in beautiful candid shots. Well, you can do it yourself too, but the quality of photography and the details captured by a professional photographer are much better. They are well dedicated to their job and have all technical skills resulting in adorable snaps from the event.  But anything which involves naive and innocent new born is really unpredictable. You have to plan the shots well. Few of the important points to consider for christening photography are-

  • There are many churches which do not allow shooting pictures and videos within the premises. So the very first step in the planning procedure is to obtain permission from the church authorities for using cameras during the ceremony.
  • Beautiful and fascinating outfit of your baby will result in your baby looking adorably lovely in the snaps.
  • Make sure that there are proper lightening arrangements at the venue. Natural light through colored glasses in church windows gives beautiful effects.
  • It is best to hire two photographers so that one can handle the candid as well as planned shots for the baby and the rituals and the other can click the guests.
  • It is a smart move to already plan all what mandatory shots you require like baby with parents, relatives, with father etc.

What to click: The important and necessary shots

The baby at its christening ceremony must be treated like the bride at her wedding. So the key to capture the perfect shots at the event is to focus on the child. But obviously there are some mandatory shots which you cannot miss. Some of the important shots at the christening ceremony and the after party include-

  • Baby with rosary and bible is a compulsory pose.
  • The dressing up of the baby should be beautifully filmed and detail shots of the baby in the christening gown are very important.
  • Short cameos of individuals and groups while laughing, chatting, dancing, socializing make the collection interesting and engaging.
  • The center of attraction in the decoration part must be properly photographed. It is best to capture planned pictures on beautiful sites of the venue.
  • Ceremonial items and the Chapel should be clicked as well.
  • The shot of the parents praying in the church is a way more beautiful than any fancy pose.
  • Any activity of the baby, which is making it look cute must be photographed.
  • Baby getting kissed by both parents simultaneously on opposite cheeks is a rather mesmerizing shot.
  • The newly christened child receiving blessing from the father and god is a mandatory post with pristine beauty.
  • The playful mood of the baby with relatives should be well captured.
  • You really should not miss to shoot the moment of baby receiving gifts and cuddles from guests.
  • Obviously there are some planned shots of groups posing together. It is best to keep some props which come in handy for taking awesome pictures.
  • It is the new cool trend to click food too.
  • The parents should entertain the baby to get close-up and candid shots of cute expressions.
  • Apart from some traditionally old and mandatory shots, few playful and fun poses of the parents and the baby is a must to click.
  • A slow motion video of some adorably cute activity of the baby will be a treasure to preserve for the family.

Blunders which must be avoided

Even if you are not clear with the mandatory shots, being aware about what mistakes need to shun can help you to great extent in making a rather good collection of your baby’s christening ceremony.  Few of the not to dos are –

  • Be impartial and click all the guests. Definitely there would be guests who would appear to be a great subject to you as a photographer. But still avoid over stuffing the collection with pictures of few particular guests.
  • Click the young and old equally. Do not avoid capturing old people.
  • Most of the guests do not like being clicked so it is a basic decency rule to rather ask them first before clicking them.
  • Don’t try to take too many pictures of people while eating. Just think it yourself; won’t the mouths stuffed with food give an ugly illustration in the pictures?
  • Try taking pictures in natural light and avoid too much flash.
  • Avoid the use of wide angle lenses for group shots as it disproportionate the personality of people standing at the extremes.

Editing plays the final game

Not only barely clicking awesome pictures makes the album loaded with beautiful memories, but some refinement by editing is also required. Some colors can be filled in a dull picture or brightness and saturation can be enhanced, making the lovely snaps more pleasing to the eye and the heart. Even if the real pictures were not too good, right editing can make it. All in all, the pictures should be informative, beautiful, eye catchy, well defined and adorable at the same time.