5 Christening Photo shoot Ideas

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christening photography ideas

Movies and serials often show relatively newborn babies being immersed into the holy water at churches. So, what and why is this done? It is a religious ritual of immersing babies into the holy water and it is known as Baptism or in other words Christening(krikstynu fotosesija).

Krikstynu fotosesija
Krikstynu fotosesija

In simple words, when someone gets baptized, then he/she becomes a member of the church. In theory, Baptism gives a new life to the individual being baptized. It initiates cleansing, strength, a mode of spiritualism and they finally become a child of Jesus. According to the Bible, Baptism is one of the most important events in a person’s life. This religious ceremony should be undergone by those who belong to the Christian community at least once in their lifetime. Baptism is a joyous and happy event for the family and friends of the one being baptized. This ceremony is especially important when a baby is being baptized and thus, capturing these special moments are a must.

Numerous factors play an important role in getting the perfect christening photographs which will be cherished for a lifetime. From selecting a good venue (church) to hiring a professional photographer to play a vital role in making this event a memorable one in real life and on paper. Read this article to find out about Christening photo shoot ideas.

4 Quick Tips for the Photographer:

Getting the perfect shots during the Christening ceremony is quite a tricky task. Firstly, there is water and secondly, it’s a baby. Read below to find out a few quick tips that will guide the photographers.

  • Church rules: –

Some churches will allow photographers to click numerous photographs whereas some churches may be strict with photography. It is always a good idea to communicate with the church officials beforehand to avoid any confusion on the final ceremony day.

Visiting the church before the actual ceremony day to study the church interiors, exteriors, surroundings, and making one known to the church officials can prove greatly beneficial in the future. Checking for spaces and niches for the perfect photo shoot, the lighting and gathering photo shoot ideas are a must during the visit.

  • Relaxed surrounding: –

The event is filled with family, friends and other churchgoers of the baby. While clicking snaps during the event, creating a relaxed surrounding is necessary. Some people may be camera conscious so taking candid photos of them will be a good idea. Capturing real tears and emotions are always better than staged photos.

  • A good camera: –


  1. Quality: During a photo shoot, a DSLR camera is one of the most important and basic need.Carry a good quality DSLR camera, a couple of lenses and a tripod to the event.
  2. Battery: Before the final day, charging the DSLR properly is a must. Also, it is a good idea to carry extra batteries in case of emergencies.
  3. Settings: The camera settings should be altered in order to capture the real emotions and movements of the people and also to get the perfect water shots.
  4. Lighting: Lighting is the key to the perfect shot. Avoid lighting mistakes by altering the light settings on the camera based on the location of the event.


  • The perfect shots: –

The shots should include shots of the ceremony, the people during the ceremony, solo shots of the baby, solo shots of the people and the clergy. Click pictures of the venue and surroundings too. Clicking multiple photos in a row in the best way to get the perfect shot. Remember to click candid and staged photos as well.

5 Photoshoot Ideas: –

Other than clicking pictures during the event, a separate photo shoot can be conducted to make the day more special. Carrying out a photo shoot is a difficult task. Having the perfect photo shoot idea in mind should help the photographers greatly. Given below are 5 Christening photo shoot ideas.

  • Theme:

Initially, during a christening event, the dress code for the baby was white, but over the years, several themes have been incorporated. White indicates purity and wearing a white dress/suit indicates cleansing. So, instead of wearing white, light colors like pastel colors and/or beige can be selected as a clear theme. Anyone attending the event should adhere to the theme to create the perfect atmosphere during the photo shoot.

  • Fancy dress:

Some families may prefer their babies to wear simple attires whereas some prefer fancy dresses. If the family prefers the latter, then conducting a photo shoot of the baby wearing a fancy dress will be fun.

  • Props:

This photo shoot idea revolves around getting the perfect shots of the baby. Introducing several props into the shoot will only enhance the beauty of the pictures. If the family has a pet cat or dog, then he/she can be made to pose with the baby. Babies love pets and it should be fun.

Babies are also impatient, so introducing props like their favorite toy can be a good way to keep him/her engaged. Other props like bubbles or balloons are fun too. They are sure to amaze the baby and keep him/her busy to get the required shots.

  • Locations:

Clicking pictures at the church is obvious. But the photographer can think about other locations for the perfect shots too. A background consisting of trees, flowers or an old building can be used to get the best outdoor shots. The photographer can get creative and create a set based on the theme too.

  • Portrait:

Portrait photography is beautiful, and the christening photo shoot can comprise of only portraits. It is a good idea to conduct the shoot outdoors. There are some shots that are a must. They are – the baby, baby with his/her parents, the baby with individual parents, the baby with his/her siblings, the baby with the grandparents, the baby with the close family members, baby with a bible and rosary and finally the baby’s outfit. This session can be a personal one.


For a photographer, it is important to be respectful while clicking photos. Follow the tips and ideas given above to click and deliver the best christening photographs to the ones who deserve it.